Киевский Международный Экономический Форум

Kiev International Economic Forum (KIEF) will take place on 7th and 8th of the October in Parkovy. For the seventh years Forum has brought together well-known world economists, influential businessmen, representatives of the Ukrainian establishment and authoritative economic experts.

BAROMETR Internatioanl Bar Show

Landmark event for professionals and amateurs of bar business and culture of mixology.  In 2021 , 24-26 September the annual educational event will take place for the 5th , anniversary time and will be dedicated to "People".

Торжественное открытие Форума Всеукраинской недели «Дошкольного образования Украины 30»

The grand opening Forum of the All-Ukrainian Week of Preschool Education in Ukraine-30 will take place 20th of September at Parkovy Convention and Exhibition Center. There will be offline and online formats

ARTBAT with WhoMadeWho

Meet ARTBAT & WhoMadeWho with a final show of the season at the rooftop of Parkovy CEC

Шахматный БАТЛ

Chess BATTLE between the teams of the Kiev regional and Lviv regional federations, in which the best chess players of both regions will compete for a prize fund of UAH 200,000.

Инвестиционный Форум г. Киев, 2021

Finding ways for Kyiv to become more technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and resistant to future risks will become the main focus of the Kyiv Investment Forum to be held in Parkovy CEC

Макс Барских: Open Air

Max Barskykh is the brightest phenomenon on the modern pop-scene. Creating new musical tendencies and styles, he has sold-out shows in Ukraine and abroad and, what is more important, presents the songs, which become real soundtracks to millions of fans` lives all over the world.

Be Wine International Wine Show

BE WINE  is the best, highly-educated gourmets, talented producers and the most respectable world experts of the industry in one place! In the world community Ukraine is well-know by the good wine’s lovers, its creators and those, who really enjoy it.

FACE в Украине!

FACE in Kiev! A big solo concert of the popular rapper FACE will take place at Parkovy


Наиболее романтическая и гастролирующая группа Украины завершит концертное лето перед подготовкой к масштабному выступлению в НСК "Олимпийский” в 2022 году! Поэтому не упустите прекрасную возможность насладиться настоящим драйвом и рок-н-роллом!

Семинар ИМРАМ КРИЙЯ/Посвящение в 6 ступеней Крийя йоги

Крийя дается путем прямой передачи в своем первоначальном, не искаженном виде. За 2 дня даются 6 из 7 ступеней Крийя, раскрываются тайные ключи Крийя медитации.


Концерт зіркового дуету ARTIK&ASTI в Києві! Кожен кліп гурту стає справжнім трендом у мережі, а запальні біти просто не йдуть з голови.