Moderat will return to Kyiv with new album on June 26, 2022. A new big story is coming. And we can become witnesses of its beginning!

15 Украинский маркетинг-форум

The Ukrainian Marketing Forum is the main annual meeting place for the community of marketing professionals, where you can find future trends, get acquainted with fresh cases and the best experts in various fields.

Андрей Колмачевский. Новая программа "Праздничный комик"

Andrey Kolmachevsky will give new programm Holiday comic on 8th March in Parkovy!

Вечер французского джаза

A fascinating French jazz, which will create a magical atmosphere on this evening

Старый добрый джаз: Френк Синатра

The program is dedicated to the work of the legendary musician Frank Sinatra performed by best jazzmen 

Музыка Людовико Эйнауди и Яна Тирсена

The musicians of the Kiyv Virtuosi Orchestra will play the most romantic and magical  music by Ludovico Einaudi and Jan Tiersen, the authors of the music for the already cult movies 1 + 1 and Amelie.

Антонио Вивальди "Времена Года"

Kyiv Virtuosos Orchestra will perform one of the main works in the history of music - The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi!

Музыка из фильмов про любовь

The most romantic beginning of spring in Parkovy!

SVET x Korolova & Friends SVET x Koroleva Friends come together 05/03/2022 in Parkovy to create a new round of electronic parties
Рок-баллады: Queen

The orchestra of the Virtuosos of Kyiv will perform music by the legendary Queen

Рок баллады. Оркестр Виртуозы Киева

Rock ballads in Parkovy!
If you visited concerts of the Kiyv Virtuosi Orchestra, you would know that it will be unbeliviable

SVET 2 YEARS | Innellea Live Tour

Birthday of the SVET project at Parkovy! A significant factor of which will be the first live performance in Ukraine and an exclusive visual show as part of the world tour of a guest from Germany - INNELLEA (Dyinamic, Afterlife)