BLACKFEST Ukrainian Coffee Show

1 December 2018
BLACKFEST Ukrainian Coffee Show
Experts and experienced entrepreneurs will share knowledge about new trends in the coffee industry, tell about the components of business success and possible risks.
Businessmen will open the veil of secrecy in the construction of coffee business, tell about the facsimiles that arose in the process of formation and development of successful projects.
More than 40 hours of lectures and practical training programs with world experts.

The BLACKFEST Ukrainian Coffee Show is a place for innovation and learning. Excellent opportunity to meet with colleagues in the market, new and existing customers, gain new experience and start a new business.

The event will bring together over 3000 guests from Ukraine and other countries, including industry professionals and coffee and beverage lovers.

Within the limits of BLACKFEST there will be two national competitions with the support of SCA Ukraine:
  • Ukrainian Barista Championship.
  • Ukrainian Brewers Cup.
The winners will represent Ukraine at the Boston World Championship.

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