27 February 2018
Annually, before the start of the season, Cropio conducts a series of off-line meetings for the Ukrainian agrarian sector’s participants. In 2018, the first meeting - CropioCamp, will be held on February 27 in Kiev, in the CEC «Parkovy».

Cropio - a unique management system for agricultural production. Remote monitoring of agricultural lands, operational monitoring of crop areas, auto-documentation, field forecasting and planning of agricultural operations is only a small list of the platform’s functionality.

CropioCamp 2018 consists of nine modules. Each module includes two blocks: 1) theoretical - a detailed description of all functions of the system, and 2) practical – a training course on how to use Cropio tools efficiently, based on real examples.
All participants of the training course will learn about the functions of the system that have been implemented during the last 6 months and all the details about the system's aspects for the 2018 season. In addition, CropioCamp is an excellent opportunity to exchange the experience of using not only Cropio system, but also other best practices in argiculture industry

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