Yoga Day

24 June 2018
День Йоги

During the summer solstice the best solar charge over the majestic Dnipro will be conducted by the teacher of yoga Sergey Dmitrenko. He will refresh your knowledge of yoga, quickly and effectively teach practitioners that can recharge the fresh energy of the Sun, adjust the body and spirit to harmony with nature, get a boost to creative activity. You are waited by meditation, complexes of exercises, breathing practices, practice of deep relaxation.

All participants are supplied with tasty water of crystal clearness by the water partner of the event, Ecosoft, an international company that manufactures filters for water purification, based in Ukraine, is included in the TOP of 5 unique world companies, which offers the whole range of products for water treatment.

For the good health of our guests, the company "Eurolab" - the medical partner of the event - is responsible. The medical center "Eurolab" is the center of personalized medicine, the main purpose of which is the creation and implementation of medical products that preserve, maintain and improve health. MC "Eurolab" is the legislator of the "medical fashion" for quality "and the result.

Yoga at all levels of advancement is invited to participate in the Yoga day at the Parkovy Park, from zero to the coaching level, as well as star guests.

Feel the new creative take-off directly from the helicopter landing site of the CEC "Parkovy"!


Participation is free. The time from 08.00 - 11.00.

Before the event:

Login is carried out according to the lists, registration by reference:

At itself it is necessary to have a rug for employment and a solar mood.

We start gathering the guests from 07.30. The entrance to the site is carried out on the overpass. Control and moderation is in effect at the checkpoint.

How to get there:

The park road, 16a. The metro station "Arsenalnaya".

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