III All-Ukrainian Children's Festival «Ukrainian Fashion Kids -2018»

25 March 2018
III Всеукраинский детский фестиваль «Ukrainian Fashion Kids-2018»

On March 25, the International Festival of Young Fashion Designers and Designers «Ukrainian Fashion Kids-2018» will be held at the «Parkovy» exhibition center. A grandiose event will bring together young models and designers from 12 countries of the world and once again turn Ukraine into the epicenter of the world fashion industry.

The International Festival «Ukrainian Fashion Kids» not only supports the Ukrainian producer, but also sets the trends of modern children's fashion.

Within the framework of the Festival will be held: the XX All-Ukrainian contest «Mini Top Model of Ukraine-2018», the III All-Ukrainian competition «The Young Designer of Ukraine-2018» and the III All-Ukrainian Competition of Fashion Theaters.

All participants and guests are expected to perform of popular artists, master classes from designers, stylists, photographers.

Festival starts at: 15:00

Additional information: minimissukraine.com.ua

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