Kyiv Investment Forum

27 November 2018
Инвестиционный форум  города Киева
2018 Annual Kyiv Investment Forum will be held on 27th of November in Convention and Exhibition Center "Parkovy".
Kyiv Investment Forum is an annual platform for city council authorities, business community and representatives of public sector to discuss the investment potential of Ukraine’s capital. Key topic at the 2018Annual Kyiv Investment Forum will be innovations.

The event will facilitate the conversation between city council authorities and business community. The forum will further assist stakeholders to establish common ground for investment promotion, development of new projects and solutions for Kyiv city.

Issues that will be raised on the 2018 Annual Kyiv Investment Forum:

  • Ecosystem for innovators: education – science – business. Commercialization of innovations and technology transfer
  • What Kyiv city has to offer for innovators and inventors? State and municipal programs in Ukraine 
  • Financial instruments for innovations: what commercial sector can offer? Risks and benefits for investors
  • Supporting innovations: how private stakeholders look at investing in innovations 
  • Made in Ukraine: investment cases from Ukraine
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