23 May 2018

On May 23, with the support of the EBRD in Ukraine, the Kyiv Furniture Summit will be held as part of the EU4Business initiative at the «Parkovy» Convention & Exhibition Center. Theme of the summit: «Great opportunities for Ukrainian furniture makers. Create. Produced. Export».

Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, during this large-scale business event will have the opportunity to discuss in practical terms the actual problems of the creation, production and sale of furniture products.

The summit will present the «Road Map for the Development of the Ukrainian Furniture Sector», which contains a step-by-step general strategy for the development of the industry and will provide practical answers to many questions, including:

  • How to turn the weak sides of the Ukrainian furniture business into strong ones? What and how to improve?

  • What strengths of the Ukrainian furniture sector may be of interest to foreign partners?

  • Which export strategy should I choose and which country to start with?

The actual topics for discussion will also be:

  • Identification code of the interior and furniture sector. What do you need for a client: interior or furniture?

  • Evolution of furniture retail in Ukraine, new perspectives.

  • Import substitution - hidden opportunities in the domestic market of Ukraine. How to become a participant in the process?

  • Cooperation of designers and manufacturers of furniture, experience with foreign partners. A new level of cooperation.

The Kiev furniture summit is a professional platform for networking, where in real time you can use valuable experience and practical advice from foreign and Ukrainian experts and experts.

Participation in the summit is free with pre-registration:

For more information contact

The beginning at 13.00.

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