Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019

1 October 2019
Advantages of the forum:
More than 50 speakers
Thematic sections and Short Talks.
More than 3500 participants.

Main topics of discussion:
The intelligent transportation system of the city.
Urban architecture, Urbanism, smart building.
E-democracy, open government, and civic initiatives.
Creative economy and education. Startups and Blockchain technology.
Ecology and energy efficiency.

About the KYIV SMART CITY Initiative:
Kyiv Smart City brings together Kyiv citizens, business, activists and city authorities for the purpose of developing smart urban infrastructure. The work is carried out on the principles of open data, intelligent and transparent management and transformation of Kyiv into an innovative, digital and progressive city. The concept is intended to create opportunities for the evolution of the capital, combining the strategic approach, technological achievements and wide involvement of the public in creating a new quality of life.
Looking forward to seeing you on the forum!

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