Level Up Ukraine 2017

15 November 2017
Level Up Ukraine 2017

Level Up Ukraine 2017 - a platform for communication between the state, businessmen and investors.

Business. The period of change and instability creates an additional burden on business - the need to monitor changes in legislation, in power, in consumer tastes and the development of technologies. In order to remain competitive, business needs to look for sources of reliable information, a safe platform for dialogue with all market participants.

Investors. The primary task for an investor is to assess the risks of investments, to find suitable assets and to audit them. Access to Ukrainian and international expertise in matters of investment makes it possible to find effective solutions for both the investor and the start-up.

Startups. A startup at the fundraising stage in search of an investor needs an ecosystem and a place where technologies meet with expertise, financial resources and a regulator interested in their development and growth.


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