Marketing & Loyalty Conference

20 June 2018

On June 20, the Marketing & Loyalty Conference will be held in the convention & exhibition center «Parkovy», during which we will discuss and learn all about the latest trends in loyalty marketing, get the best practices for the proper launch and monetization of loyalty programs, sharpen the art of attracting and retaining the most customers online and physical retailers.

The consumer is the heart of the retail business, and the way to the heart of the discerning customer is through basic strategies, new technologies, key markers for analyzing and evaluating customer loyalty.

The participants are expected to have the maximum concentration of practical knowledge from the trend-watchers and stakeholders of Ukrainian retail, new useful contacts, and, most importantly, motivation to be the # 1 team of Ukrainian retail.

The program of the conference

Section 1: «The formula of love: loyalty strategies in a hypercompetitive business environment». Cases of market leaders.

Main topics:

  • Service evaluation system: check-list wow-effect.
  • Management of the Customer Journey: stages of the consumer's journey from brand recognition to sustainable loyalty.
  • Less goods - more messages: a new opportunity for eco-loyalty.
  • Feedback: the transformation of negative experiences into positive actions.
Anatomy of personalization: how to fall in love with the customer in the brand.
  • Automated marketing: the key methods of attracting and retaining customers.
  • Personalization of communications with customers in ecommerce.
  • Transactional NPS + relationship NPS: how to calculate loyalty indicators - Social Media Listening - the main tool for building loyalty and brand communication with consumers.

Section 2: «Loyal customer: what does he expect from retail?». Discussion and reports. Master-class: «Storytelling in retail: how? What for? Test drive method».
Master-class: «5 main mistakes in managing customer experience. How to configure the service so that the customer returns».
Main topics:

  • The psychology of shopping: how has the client's requirements changed?
  • How to get out of the vicious circle of discounts and start making money?
  • Offline or online - where is it easier to achieve loyalty?
  • Customer Lifetime Value: how to evaluate and use.
  • The uniqueness of the loyalty program and how to protect against copying by competitors?
Master class: «Storytelling in retail: how? What for? Test drive method». 
Section 3: «Catch Me If You Can. «Innovation trends of loyalty». Discussion and reports.
Main topics:
  • Tango with the client: digital realization of business desires.
  • DataDriven: how it motivates customers to earn their loyalty.
  • Automated marketing to attract and retain customers.
  • VR and gaming as new communication tools and sales drivers.
  • Bank of ideas: innovative payment programs as a must-have for increasing the level of loyalty to the brand.
  • How service design and design thinking improve customer experience.
  • Difficulties of translation: how to make complex digital-services understandable.
  • Phygital (physical + digital) - the trend of marketing impressions.
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