5 April 2018

On April 5, a unique meeting took place. The world famous futurist, popularizer of science, the visionary - Dr. Mitio Kaku visited the capital. Organized by the efforts of the leading investment company of Ukraine Concorde Capital was held at the «Parkovy» Convention and Exhibition Center.

How will the further development of technology affect business? What challenges for business and society are preparing the digital future? What to invest and how to make money in the digital age? What is "digitalization" - for data and many other questions in a personal meeting with listeners, Mr. Kaku gave his answers.

Forecasts from Dr. Mitio Kaku, thesis:

«Industry 4.0 - a new round of industrial revolution - will come in some 20 years. Each evolutionary leap is distant from each other for only 80 years. A couple of decades and we will come to this, to the widespread use of artificial intelligence. We already have, for example, Siri, Alexa Toolbar- in fact, artificial intelligence. The digital future is already coming».

«The future is crypto-currency. It is impossible to legislatively regulate crypto-currencies, since the Internet is wider than the borders of states. There is a demand for crypto-currencies, so they exist. Personally, I think this is a waste of time. Bitcoin is just gambling. In order not to be a soap bubble, it must be something to back up and carry value».

«The new capitalism is not the resources, but the capitalism of consciousness. This is the capital created by consciousness, experience, innovation and common sense. Tony Blair says that Britain earns more on rock 'n' roll than selling coal. This is our future».

«Digitalization - the most powerful driver of economic development in the history of mankind, which every second is gaining more and more rapid turnaround».

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