Forum Industry 4.0 – Trans4mation!

22 November 2019
Первый в Восточной Европе Форум Industry 4.0 – Trans4mation!

Welcome to the First in Eastern Europe Industry 4.0 Forum - Trans4mation!

Trans4mation is a forum for business owners, CEOs and CEOs. The goal is to demonstrate the effective use of Industry 4.0 for the enterprise.

You will learn:

- Does Industry 4.0 help to reach international markets?

- How to get the most out of your production processes through digitization?
- Why  do owner and CEO need Digital Twins and Predictive Maintenance


  • Andrzej Soldaty - Chairman of the Board of the Future Industry Platform Foundation, Poland

  • Dominique Piotet - CEO of UNIT.City, France
  • Ruthy Kaidar - Head of Central and Eastern European Startup & Software Development at Microsoft, Israel
  • Yannick Fourastier - CEO of CoDigit Europe, France
  • Denis Morozov - CFO and Member of the Board of INTERPIPE, Ukraine
  • Oleksandr Yurchak - CEO of APPAU, Coordinator of Industry 4.0 Movement, Ukraine

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See you on November 22, 2019 at the Park Park!
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