Public Talk with Vasyl Khmelnitsky

1 March 2018
Public Talk с Василием Хмельницким

March 1-th, one of the country's landmark business events from the Kyiv International Economic Forum will take place at «Parkovy» Exhibition Center. This event will continue a series of events with the participation of outstanding experts and successful businessmen of Ukraine.

- «How to get to the business Olympus and keep your leadership position for many years? »

- «Competitors or partners - who stimulates business development better? »

- «Business in more stable countries or how to use the opportunities of the crisis to organize and launch new projects? »

- «Can dreams generate finance?»

Answers on this and many other questions, in an open conversation with one of the leading entrepreneurs of the country - the founder of the investment group UFuture and the Fund K. Fund - Vasyl Khmelnitsky.

We are waiting for you in the CEC «Parkovy», and guarantee, it will be interesting!

Registration start: 18.30.

We start event at 19.00.

Tickets at:

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