19 April 2018

April 19 SUP DAY FORUM - the largest business forum in Ukraine, organized by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, will be held at the CEC «Parkovy».
On the forum you will learn:
  • how to build a successful and prosperous business in Ukraine and abroad;
  • how to find people, money, technology and customers for the development of their business;
  • how to implement effective business solutions and apply them in practice;
  • how to increase personal effectiveness, to manage more and live brighter.

Speakers of the forum are successful owners and experts in building and developing business:
  • Klimov Vyacheslav, co-owner of the company «Nova Poshta»;
  • Andrey Zdesenko, President of the Biosphere Corporation;
  • Gutsal Olga, the owner of the company «Kamion-Oi»;
  • Humenny Igor, president of UBC Group holding;
  • Kostereva Ekaterina, managing partner of Terrasoft;
  • Shulyak Elena, General Director of Midland Development Ukraine.

And this is only a small part of the speakers who will share their successful cases and insights.
You just need to be there if:
  • you are the owner, partner or CEO of the company;
  • you want to learn how to successfully develop your business;
  • you are looking for a place where you can share your experience and ideas with the same entrepreneurs as you;
  • you dream of finding like-minded people and partners for joint activities;
  • you want to get valuable knowledge from the owners who have already built successful companies and are ready to share effective solutions, and also to tell you how to avoid making major mistakes when building a business.

The number of seats is limited, so hurry to get your ticket!

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