Trade Marketing in Ukraine: the way to purchase

22 June 2018
Trade Marketing in Ukraine: путь к покупке
In conditions when the buyer saves on every purchase, the struggle for his wallet reaches a maximum. Marketers receive a clear task: grab the attention of the buyer, consolidate his loyalty and keep her in a tone as long as possible. As a result, a tough competitive struggle is unfolding, in which the one who competently uses all available trade marketing tools wins.

Trade marketing future and future trade marketing: about the evolution of values ​​and how to get the status of a leader and not lose it ever.

Within one day at Trade Marketing in Ukraine: the way to purchase you will learn all about the latest trends, get the best practices for the proper launching of shares and their monetization, sharpen the art of attracting and retaining buyers, and the skill of converting the consumer's emotions into sales.

Another day full of knowledge, new ideas, insights and networking on Trade Marketing in Ukraine: the way to buy.
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