Transformational training of Michael Roach

10 November 2018
Трансформационный тренинг Майкла Роуча
If you are doing business, you know perfectly well what the price of having employees listen to your ideas and follow your vision to a bright future. Leadership, which was possessed by the commanders of antiquity such as Sun Tzu, made it possible to avoid many wars and allow them to win difficult battles with a minimal battle. Modern leaders must be strong leaders in order to transform their environment and allow thousands of people to build a happy life. Therefore, if the question of leadership is relevant for you, this training-intensive will be most welcome for you.
In order for your career as a speaker to move swiftly up, people must listen and respect your ideas. The question of leadership for people who spread useful knowledge is especially important because the fate of hundreds, or even thousands of people depends on it. At this training, Geshe Michael Roach and a team of DCI teachers will share advanced leadership seed cultivation technologies that will make you a truly respected person whose opinion is heeded.
Perhaps you are not busy building your own business or professional achievements. Your main task now is to help other people change their lives for the better. Perhaps this is the life of children, your family, your friends, loved ones. In order for your opinion to be respected, you need to be a leader. Not everyone needs to lead the stadiums. If you want to take care of people who are in your immediate environment and make their life more successful, we will be glad to see you at the training "Unconditional Leadership".

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