UMF3 Ukrainian Medical Festival

19 May 2018
UMF3. Украинский Медицинский Фестиваль

On May 19, the Third All-Ukrainian Medical Festival - Ukrainian Medical Festival will be held at «Parkovy» Convention & Exhibition Center, a unique educational platform that combines elements of the conference and the festival.

Theme of the third festival - Motivation. The organizers have fundamentally come up with this theme and have prepared something extraordinary!

The main goal of the project is to motivate, educate and develop both a young and adult generation of specialists in order to bring Ukrainian medicine to a completely new level of development. UMF provides an opportunity to study in top-level professionals with a colossal base of knowledge and experience.


  • 34 speakers have been invited.
  • 60 reports have been prepared.
  • 4 halls are used: the main hall and 3 halls on highly specialized topics.

Organizer and ideological author of the project: plastic surgeon, social activist, doctor Edgar Kaminsky.

For more information, visit: umflive

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