Investment Forum Kyiv Aglomeration, 2021

10 September 2021
Инвестиционный Форум г. Киев, 2021

Finding ways for Kyiv to become more technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and resistant to future risks will become the main focus of the Kyiv Investment Forum to be held in Parkovy CEC.

During the Forum, the main session, discussion panels, and public talks with the participation of Kyiv authorities and international experts will be held. The participants will focus on the urban challenges which aggravated during COVID-19, the ways to develop the Great Kyiv, and the international experience of overcoming the economic consequences of the pandemic. 

Kyiv Investment Forum is a unique international event that aims to demonstrate the investment potential of the city, intensify the dialogue between the representatives of Kyiv City State Administration and business and outline the ways of development of the capital region in the coming years.

Forum program and registration on the official website

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