Creative Chefs Summit 2018. 14 шефів на сцені і 800 в залі

4 December 2018
Creative Chefs Summit 2018. 14 шефів на сцені і 800 в залі

The main gastronomic event of the country - Creative Chefs Summit 2018 took place in Kiev

On December 1, the third international summit of chefs Creative Chefs Summit 2018, organized by Hoteliero, was held at the  convention & exhibition center "Parkovy".

This year the summit was attended by 800 chefs, cooks, sou-chefs and restaurateurs from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Austria, Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Italy.

The audience was presented in the following percentage:

  • Brand chefs, chefs - 50%
  • Directors, managers, managers, managers - 25%
  • Owners and business owners - 10%
  • Cooks - 10%
  • Sous-chefs - 5%

On the main stage with master classes and reports were made by 14 bosses, scientists and TV presenters from 8 countries of the world: Ukraine, France, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Great Britain, Denmark, the USA. By tradition, the 15th chief, Sergey Kalinin, moderated the summit.

The concept of the summit of this year was focused on the topic: “Who is the chef?”. Which the speakers disclosed in their reports and master classes, based on their philosophy, the author's approach to creating recipes, techniques, texture and serving dishes.

The summit was opened according to the established tradition Savva Libkin (Ukraine), a successful Ukrainian restaurateur with 25 years of experience. In his report “Who is the boss?” Sawa shared his understanding of the profession of the boss: “To become an outstanding boss, you must go from artisan to creator. Geniuses are born, but genius is 5% of talent and 95% of work”.

The second at the summit was a well-known TV presenter, food archeologist, creator of the most unique ingredient of the 21st century - Ale-Gar vinegar, author of books, British Ambassador to the world, Alan Coxon (Great Britain). The topic of his report: “Sexology of taste. How does past cuisine influence the future cuisine? ”According to Alan, sexology of taste is the main marketing and business potential for the food industry, offering a new, innovative approach that allows more efficient use of gender tastes and various creative options.

The headliner of the summit and the most controversial speaker in his convictions was the “crazy professor” - the chemist and founder of the molecular cuisine, Herve Tis (France). His idea Note for Note or Note by Note cuisine predicts the future of molecular cuisine, not as a decoration for dishes made from organic products, but as the main product of the future that can fight hunger because it does not depend on natural resources and climate change.

Further, the audience were presented individual and pair master classes of Ukrainian and foreign chefs.

The first pair of speakers, Patricia Di Benedetto (Italy) and Victor Titov (Ukraine), presented to the audience their ideas on the adaptation of Mediterranean cuisine in Ukraine and the use of local products.

The second pair of chefs Philip Inrayter (Denmark) and Ilya Semin (Ukraine) have uncovered the secrets of how a chef can take a large number of guests in a small restaurant space if the management is based on all the technology of serving dishes, and the main investments are made in modern equipment.

The third pair of chefs and friends, Ragil Imam Vibovo (Indonesia) and Eko Koesprananto (Ukraine), showed Indonesia’s unfamiliar cuisine in its original design, which is based on the simplest and most understandable products to us - beans, spices, meat and fish.

The fourth pair of speakers Paulo Ayraudo (Spain) and Yuri Kovrizhenko (Ukraine) decided to delve into the author's handwriting of the chief, who can become the hallmark of everyone, regardless of the presence or absence of stars. According to Paulo, do not be afraid to close the restaurant, if you treat it as a business. The closure of the restaurant frees the chef from the obligation to invest money already in the "dead cow" and encourages work on a new project. We need to learn this ease of Europeans.

And more workshops were held from Igor Mezentsev (Ukraine), who blew up the hall to his reports “What do mushrooms think?”.

Roberto Rispoli (France), who brought the mill from his cafe to 14 seats, where Alain Ducasse dines and shared three recipes based on wheat.

And the beautiful chef, the owner of Thai food restaurants Pok Pok Andy Ricker (USA). Andy introduced the guests to authentic Thai dishes and revealed the secrets of cooking using the example of a traditional dish of crumbling rice and Laap meuang.

It should be noted that all the chefs in their recipes alternated simple and premium products, thereby achieving a balance of quality, price and taste.

Ukrainian chefs were given the basics of preparing and assembling dishes, using export and local products, ideas for the development of national cuisine and other countries' cuisines, as well as future trends.

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