«Amadeus Co.» LLC announces changes in the company's shareholders

19 February 2019
ТОВ «Амадеус Ко» повідомляє про зміни у складі акціонерів компанії

Last week through the purchase of a controlling stake by the ultimate beneficial owner of Fineroad Business LLP, (a shareholder of LLC «Amadeus Co.»), became a US citizen Lyubov Efimova. Implementation of the agreement took place in strict accordance with British and Ukrainian legislation, and all changes were reflected in the relevant registries.

Shortly before, lawyers of LLC «Amadeus Co.», which owns the building of the CEC «Parkovy», confirmed all rights to the complex in court. Unfortunately, the experience of many months state management of the object was extremely unsuccessful. The actual blocking of the Center’s work has resulted in multimillion-dollar losses, primarily for the budget of the Kyiv community.

The arrival of an American shareholder in LLC «Amadeus Co.» is perceived with great enthusiasm. The investor has already announced plans to engage an international company to help turn «Parkovy» into a world-class cultural and entertainment hub. After all, the unique capacities of the complex allow not only to carry out various events, but also to provide a platform for communications of interstate scales.

«Transparent management and solid partners, whose authority does not cause doubts in the international community, will help return to the «Parkovy» Convention & Exhibition Center the image of an object that Ukraine can be proud of», said an investor representative.

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